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VLC Chromecast: Experiencing Simultaneous Videos

You have tried many times to upgrade your video watching experience throughout their age. We all know how videos can vapor our stress out. Imagine that you have just experienced one of the worst weeks in your office, School or College and it’s certain that you’ll not have a good weekend. don’t worry! Open your mobile or PC or TV, play a video you like the most. All the anxieties will vanish in a flash. Now, the problem is the device you’re playing the video. If the video resolution is high and it’s not playing on the small gadget like mobile or tab, what will you do? Hence, Google has brought an exclusive device to the market named Chromecast by which you can play the same video on different electronic media devices at the same time. Here Is a way to View to view videos through VLC media player we called it VLC chromecast.

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What is VLC Chromecast?

The introduction of Chromecast is one of the revolutionary steps by google. Basically, it’s a Digital media player who has the ability to play a video file on various electronic gadget simultaneously through it. Initially, it was launched by Google in 2013 and updated to the ultra-generation in 2016. This device works as a dongle that can provide additional benefits after being connected to another device. VLC is trying to develop their versions to get Chromecast support. At first, the stable version of VLC (2.2.4) was making the procedures happen. But in recent times, only the unstable nightly build VLC version (3.0) supports this exclusive feature.

Triggering on VLC Chromecast

Enabling Cheomecast isn’t a hard job to do. Similar to its features, the particular process is also user-friendly so that one can execute by following some simple steps given below:

  • You have to switch the VLC Chromecast on at first and connect its USB port to the TV.
  • You should be aware of the Chromecast and system running the network to be the same and make sure that the TV is switched on.
  • Now, open the VLC media player on your system.
  • You’ll find a ‘Video’ option in the upper taskbar. Click on it.
  • Then, you’ve to click on the ‘Render’ and ‘scan’ one after another. In this process, your device will scan all the chromecasts
  • If the scan is successful, you should be assured that your digital media player has been tracked.
  • So, open the video context menu again and click on the ‘Render.’
  • Now select your chromecast on the sub-menu to start it.
  • Select the media menu to open the file manager and open the play the desired video. Hence, you can also drag a video from a folder to the VLC tab.
  • You’ll find an ‘insecure site prompt’ on your screen. Please click on ‘view certificate’ and then accept the terms and conditions permanently to accomplish this process.

This is an elaborate process for the users. You’ll also find some easy and less complicated process on Layerpoint.

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All the benefits are like blessings to us in the world of electronics and technology. The smartest of gadgets are made to be used so as the VLC Chromecast. Hence, people should use it to have a better technical life without stress.

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