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Upcoming Android Games You Don’t Want to Miss in 2018

The Contemporary Age that we live in, looking ahead and having things on your bucket-list beforehand is a regular practice for most of us. Although 2017 is not over yet, there’s a lot to anticipate already, in 2018. And if you are a gaming-enthusiast and are looking forward to playing some exciting Online-Games, we have a list of these “Upcoming Android Games” thrilling game titles, that are going to launch in the coming year, sometime soon. The exact dates cannot be confirmed and are still up somewhere in the air, at least for a majority of our list entries, but yes, you can still take a note. After all, who knows, their release status shifts from soonish to a few days away.

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For all the Android gaming-freaks out there, we have hand-picked for you a few most-anticipated online-games, to be launched in 2018.

Hearthstone’s Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (Heroes of Warcraft)

In our list of Upcoming Android Games, the first is HeartStone. The new expansion of Heroes of Warcraft, that was crazily-played by a massive number of gaming freaks out there. Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is highly and widely-anticipated since the prior experience of our gaming enthusiasts went excellent. It is actually a card game, available on all Android-powered devices and gadgets. A good number of 132 Cards are already revealed for the upcoming version. The slides of prominent card types are already available for you to see, like of Druid cards, Hunter Cards, Mage cards, Paladin cards, Priest cards and so on.

The prominent features are:

  • There’s a massive variety of classes and decks at almost similar win-rates (with each other), which is perhaps the smoothest meta that you have witnessed for Hearthstone, ever since it is launched.
  • It is well-designed and also available in about 14 languages

Upcoming android Games

Pokemon Go

It is one of the newest and crazily-played Android games. When it was first launched in 2016, it actually took gamers by storm. Not to forget that there was a good number of people who were skeptical about this game, and at the same time, enjoyed it too. We are sure you have seen one of the jokes and memes about Pokémon Go on social media. Like 2017, it is still an attractive game for the gamers in 2018.

Some of the features are:

  • It is an Augmented Reality game and can be downloaded for free
  • Also, available both for iOS and Android operating devices.
  • Most of the bugs are expected to be fixed with the upcoming version.

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Upcoming Android Games

Morphite 2018 APK: 3d FPS Planet Exploration (Crescent Moon: Morphite)

It is launching in 2018 with even better graphics and more exciting plots. You get to take your heroine through amazing plots and fight more unusual enemies, on innumerable planets and galaxies out there. It is one of the much-anticipated games in 2018.

Some features are:

  • Very interesting tasks and plots.
  • Unusual and hard to compete enemies.
  • Vivid and stylish graphics.

Upcoming Android Games


Launched first in 2016, Crashlands is considered one of the best Android games. Packed with action and adventure, gaming enthusiasts thoroughly enjoy the ultimate glory that they achieve. It runs smoothly on Android-based devices. Being an action-based game, it has to have a high rating by gaming authorities as well as gamers.

Some of the prominent features of its 2018 version are:

  • It has incredible and vivid graphics, and that is something every gamer loves.
  • It is not available for FREE. You will be charged $6 to play this action-packed game.
  • The characters are amazingly developed and you will totally indulge in the gaming spree with these characters.
  • It ensures the provision of all the fun, that you may expect from an online game.

Upcoming Android Games

Some other noteworthy Upcoming Android games or has been launched are: Super Mario Run, Table Tennis Touch, Doodle Bowling, Golf Clash, Riptide GP Series, and the list goes on.

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