Truth Behind blue whale Game

Blue whale game
Written by Rohit Gupta

Blue Whale Game comes from Russian origin, Basically from Russia. The game consists of some task and in the last task, we have to commit suicide. More than 130 teenagers died in Russia because of this game. “Philipp Budeikin” self-proclaimed founder of this game already arrested. This game founded in 2013 and since the first suicide reported back in 2015. “Philipp Budeikin” wants to eliminate the biological waste basically, the people don’t want to live.

How Blue whale game works

Blue whale game doesn’t affect your system but it affects the physiological level of your mind. It targets people who mentally and emotionally challenged the people who lost their balance. The game will play with your mind and force you to commit suicide. Friends if we do something for a week or more than that it becomes a habit. In search of the thrill, we get fond of to the blue whale game that takes our life. We always take internet lightly. We think that only google, facebook, whats app, Instagram but it’s beyond our imagination. In the game, we have to send the pictures to the curator of the game that we have completed the task. You simply can’t quit the game because it will blackmail you in any way like they will harm your parents and Something else.

I can share some tasks of Blue whale game

  • Carve a specific phrase on Your arm.
  • Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and watch a scary video (sent by the curator.)
  • Draw a whale on a piece of paper
  • Write “yes” on the person’s own leg if ready to be a whale. Otherwise, they should cut themselves multiple times.
  • Write a status online about being a whale.
  • Get up at 4:20 and go to the roof.
  • Carve a whale on own hand.
  • Watch scary videos all day.
  • Listen to music the “curator” sends.
  • Make yourself hurt or sick.
  • Go to a roof and stand on the edge.
  • At this step, the “curator” somehow checks to see if the participant is trustworthy.
  • Talk with a “whale” on Skype.
  • Sit down on a roof with legs dangling over the edge.
  • A secret mission
  • Meet with a “whale.”
  • The “curator” assigns a date that the person will die.
  • Visit a railroad.
  • Do not talk with anyone all day.
  • Give an oath/vow about being a whale

Friends these are the tasks of Blue whale Game.It should be noted that it’s not known if the tasks above are authentic and they could be changed at any time, even if they are. Youngsters especially make a distance from that games because in search of thrill you can lose your life. Friends, it will be better if you stay away from that game because you don’t know your mental state. If you get any link for that don’t go further because one careless move can take your precious life.

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If you wanna be a Hero in the real sense, Instead of playing these kinds of games start doing something different. So that people will remember you for a good reason.

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