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Top 5 Smart uses for an old android device

Do you have an old Android Device lying on your table or somewhere else and you have no idea what to do? While you have some options for selling and gifting them to someone etc.., and many more of them. I will tell you the way you can use your Smartphone that only will not save your money but increase its life also.

While there are many ways you can use your old Android Device but in this article, I have covered top 5 best methods or uses for your old Smartphone that you can use it to its best.


In recent year’s dashboard cam have become popular as they offer the chance to settle disputes by providing a video recording of the accidents, while also lowering the insurance premium. Most of them have The Ability to record HD video along with GPS tracking, and apps to check the live video. However, it sounds costly. Therefore, instead of Dashboard cam, you can use your old Android Smartphone you just have to grab a car phone holder, a double port car charger and fix your device permanently according to you.

First, you have to download CamOnRoad by smart labs LLC is a free cam app that records your drive and provides navigation at the same time. This app uses the rear cam of your smartphone and record video at 480p and save it to not even your SD card but in cloud storage as well. This app gives 2 GB storage to every user with free of cost. At last, I highly recommend you to use a charger with this process because this process is too much battery consuming


You want to keep an eye on your home, office or kids. You can easily do these things by turning your old Android Smartphone into the security camera.Things you need an unobstructed view of the room you want to monitor, a stand, a working WIFI connection, Alfred: home security camera.

Alfred is an App that transforms your old Smartphone into the home security camera, pet cam, baby monitor, as well as the senior care cam. It is a video monitor that allows you to check your home or office wherever you are.

This app allows you to view live feeds, and it also sends the alert when it detects movement, also allows you to switch between front camera and rear camera, and one more important function is that you can also communicate with the help of the microphone of old Smartphone.

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Many people have pc connected TV’s, While many of them, May have a media center remote control. However, all of them these Days are horribly limited. Install Unified remote into your window, MAC, Linux machine over WIFI. Install the app on the old android Smartphone, And Please Ensure that your device and Computer connected to the same WIFI Network. At the movement, the app discovers the computer; you can start controlling it remotely.


You can cast your old Android Smartphone to your TV by using Google chrome caste and convert it into the gaming console. You just have to buy a Bluetooth Enabled games controller, and your device will turn into the gaming controller. Simply download the app such as PPSSPP- PSP emulator, MegaN64, Drastic DS Emulator. After downloading, the apps connect YOUR device to the Bluetooth controller and then cast it to your TV via chrome cast to enjoy your games on large screen


IF, you want to keep your toddler or child away from your expensive Smartphone. Then grab your old Android Smartphone and set up with the restricted profile to their limited access. You can install a set of kids game like angry bird, subway suffer and remain worried free.

So these are the best uses you can use your Old Android Device

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