Top 5 free Android Apps for July 2019 – The Most Useful and Essential One’s

Top 5 free Android Apps for July 2019


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So, what’s bring you here today? If you are looking for the smartphone apps that will enhance your productivity and user experience with your smartphone then you are in the right place.

Today we are going to talk about the top 5 free android apps for the July 2019- The most useful and essential ones. Some of these apps will enhance your experience, some will make you focus more on your work and many more are there. However, the usefulness of these apps will depend upon the user to user but everyone can use these apps in their daily usage.

So, without wasting more time let’s get into our list of free android apps.

Do check out the full list of top 5 free android apps for the July 2019, there is a chance you will find some app that you are looking for a long time.

1) AmoledWalls – Wallpaper [S10 hole punch Walls]

Free android app of july-1

The first app in our list of free smartphone apps is AmoledWalls. So, if you are the one, who keeps looking or changing its home screen wallpapers? If yes then this app is for you. The AmoledWalls provide some cool, and unique minimalistic design that will change the way your Android screen looks.


  1. a) Full HD wallpapers
  2. b) More than 2000+ Wallpapers
  3. c) Classified by category
  4. d) Mark Wallpaper as Favorite
  5. e) Material Design Dashboard

2) Clip Cloud – Clipboard Sync between PC and Android

Free android app of july-2

If you are the one who loves multitasking then this app is for you. As its name suggests Clip cloud, it basically copies and syncs the text you copied on your android smartphone and your desktop/laptop. Moreover, the text you copied is totally encrypted by the AES algorithm, said by the developers.


  1. a) Easy & simple to setup
  2. b) Totally Encrypted
  3. c) Maximum limit of 2000 characters
  4. d) Totally battery optimized
  5. e) History will not be recorded

3) Reachability Cursor: one-handed mode mouse pointer

Free android app of july-3

Hey, 6-inch devices users, we know the only loss of having 6inch or more than that is you can’t touch the top of your screen with your thumb while holding your phone at a typing position. So, to solve this issue the Reachability curser comes in a case, basically, this app will bring the cursor on the right swipe of screen edge and you can do anything you want without changing the phone position.


  1. a) Swipe right gesture
  2. b) Disappear when you don’t need it
  3. c) The app doesn’t collect personal data
  4. d) Battery Optimized
  5. e) Only used to perform clicks and gestures with the cursor

4) Bottom Quick Settings – Notification Customization

Free android app of July-4

Another useful app for the users who have large devices, or for the people who wants to have the notification panel at the bottom of the screen. The bottom quick setting allows you to toggle all the notification from the bottom of the screen like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flash, auto-rotate and many more.


  1. a) Control all notification
  2. b) Android P/Q themed
  3. c) More than 40+ Tiles and different Settings.
  4. d) Add any app or URL shortcut in the panel
  5. e) Slider option: screen brightness, ringtone, alarm, and media.

5) SpotOn alarm clock for YouTube

Free android app of July-5

As its name suggests SpotOn alarm clock for YouTube, this app basically changes your default alarm clock ringtone into a YouTube video, you can search for the video you want as an alarm and this app will play the song at the scheduled time. You can also create a playlist and the app will play the different songs daily at your scheduled time.


  1. a) Whole YouTube library is your playlist
  2. b) Add as many alarms as you want
  3. c) Enable/Disable with one touch only
  4. d) FREE to use YouTube alarm clock
  5. e) Start your day in a positive tone.

Bonus App


Free android app of July-6

All the above app make you use your smartphone more and more. So, here is the app that will help you to reduce your smartphone usage, you can set a timer for the particular group of apps and this app will stop notification from all these apps and you won’t be able to use the apps as well.


  1. a) Thrive mode block all the notification, calls and messages but your VIP list can always go through.
  2. b) Super thrive mode won’t let you use your phone unless until the commitment time period is over.
  3. c) Auto reply to messages to let people know you are away from your phone,
  4. d) If you break the boundaries too many time you won’t be able to use the app until the next 12 A.M. in the morning.
  5. e) App provides built-in monitoring for the apps. So, that you can see how much time you spend on a particular app


After concluding all the apps, we can say that all app can be useful for a person who constantly use the smartphone or who loves to try new apps, with the above recommendation of the free android apps you can customize your home screen, change your boring alarm into something unique, some accessibility hacks, and last but not the least our bonus app to reduce your smartphone usage, if you are addicted to your smartphone.

So, above are the top 5 free android app- the most useful and essential one, if you like any app or found something useful tell us in the comment section. Do share it with your friends, maybe they are looking for one of the above apps.


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