Dangers of texting

The Top Dangers of Texting

An article in The Guardian revealed that in 2012, more than eight trillion text messages sent around the world. Text messaging becomes one of the primary means of communications in our society but it comes with own set of drawbacks. People who are too dependent on text messages might face different dangers of texting and consequences ranging from personal safety to data security.

Here are the top dangers of texting which are involved in texting and should be avoided for one’s own betterment:

Text Neck

We all bend our heads down to text and are unaware of the span of time which we spend in that particular position. If you are habitual of doing this then it will inevitably lead to a sore neck or commonly known as ‘text neck’. The only way to avoid this is when you hold your cell phone right in front of your face without bending it.

Dirty Hands

We supposed to wash our hands when we are in public places but how many of us actually touch our phones after using the hand sanitizer? The reality is that your phone is a pool of germs and might even be contaminated with fecal matter. Wipe your phones with disinfectant wipes or a similar spray to keep them clean and safe to use.

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Dry Eyes

Staring on your phone for too long causes dry eyes and has a similar effect on them when you stare too much at the computer screen. Increasing the font size can reduce the strain considerably and make your eyes less dry.

Distracted Driving

Numerous accidents reported every year just because of texting while driving. Even the braking reaction time of someone who is texting is 70 feet which are too scary. Because of all the dangers involved, in many areas, texting while driving declared illegal.

Social Anxiety

Texting is reducing physical interactions and face-to-face conversations. There are many teenagers out there who prefer texting their friends instead of actually talking to them in person. This has created an anxiety amongst them as they don’t feel relaxed unless they have a conversation with someone through texts and are always under the fear of missing something out.

Bad Grades

Many students have a habit of texting during class and paying no attention to the lecture. This causes them to miss out on some of the most important information and as result, they get bad grades. Texting is a huge distraction in school and causes the students to lag behind in their studies.


There are huge chances of your text being misinterpreted by the other person leading to an unnecessary argument. At times, the autocorrect might correct word in that way the inappropriate meaning conveyed. Texting has even caused broken friendships and relationships.

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Our generation caught in the vicious circle of texting and if we want them to escape from it, there needs to be an alternative provided to them otherwise, the dangers of texting will keep increasing.


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