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Samsung Galaxy S9: The new Bixby will be a highlight

Samsung launched the S8 in the month of March with the new AI i.e. Bixby, which is a new way of interacting with the phone. According to Samsung, it helps the user to make things easier and simplifies the experience of using the smartphone. It offers four functionalities: viewing, speaking, remembering and recommending. But it hasn’t replaced the SIRI, so now Samsung will bet with Bixby 2.0 in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

About Bixby Update

Bixby Vision allows you to search for images, find products online, as well as find information on nearby places, perform translations, decode QR codes, and identify wines and more. In tests, Bixby Vision has some difficulties in recognizing texts properly because it often looks at images or does not understand the letters correctly. The information provided by Bixby is not particularly helpful, so once the novelty is over, it is those features which you do not use again.


Bixby Reminder allows you to add a reminder based on time, location, content, and context. These reminders should integrate into Bixby Home so the user can view upcoming appointments while using other device features.

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Bixby Home screen is located to the left of the main page. It can also access by pressing the Bixby button. It shows the most relevant applications and services on a single screen and also offers dynamic cards which we can customize to include content such as news, details about upcoming appointments, etc. Overall, Bixby works well in the Samsung Galaxy S8, but the special button for this feature not required, hope Samsung works on it, and make it better such that we can take advantage in the Samsung Galaxy S9.


It is interesting to note that third-party applications such as Spotify, Twitter or Facebook can display information through one of these cards, but in practice is not very useful either. Hello, Bixby is Samsung’s assistant who allows you to interact with the phone by voice and ask you to take action or provide information. Sorry for the moment is not available in Spanish, so we could not prove it. Samsung left long ago to fill its bloatware application phones to the brim. Now it only incorporates a few applications installed as standard on the phone. So, expect it to present in the Samsung Galaxy S9 as well.

Little Infomation about S8+

Many of the applications were previously pre-installed on the phones of the brand – such as Samsung Music, Samsung Internet, Kids Mode, S Note, Car Mode, S Translator, Slide Sync, and Video  – are not installed on the Galaxy S8 +.


Talking again about the Bixby, yes there is a scope of improvement. Which of course Samsung should bring, and we’re sure Samsung will be able to do. However, saying everything should solve with Samsung Galaxy S9, but still not confirmed till now. So, let’s wait when Samsung actually and finally reveals it to the world.

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