Nanotechnology Examples & Nano Tech Applications

You must have heard of terms like nano tech, nanotechnology, biotech, bionanotechnology etc. nowadays. These terms are gaining more attention in this pandemic situation as many marketers and think tanks have predicted a boom in the nano tech industry and other related industries in post pandemic era.

Now, you must be thinking what is nanotechnology and exactly how it works? I’ll explain it to you within a few moments. Subsequently, we’ll look at various nanotechnology examples to understand it in a better way.

What is Nano tech?

One of the most fascinating aspects of nano tech is the scale at which nanoengineering and nanofabrication takes place. This scale is incredibly small.

Nanotechnology is the science that deals with the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale – in other words, much smaller than what our naked eyes can see.

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With an increased understanding of Quantum physics, which deals with ultra-small objects and with the development of more precise instruments like atomic force microscope and scanning tunneling microscope, it has become possible to explore nanotechnology and put it into use.

Nano Tech
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With an expansion in the study of “nano” field, different terminologies has been developed to describe different parts and aspects of nanotechnology. You can go through nanotechnology glossary to know the different aspects.

Now as you have gone through a brief description of what nanotechnology actually is, we’ll look at some nanotechnology examples, and we’ll look at its future prospects thereafter.

Nanotechnology Examples

Nanotechnology have been put into application into various ways in multiple fields. Nanobiotechnology, nanoelectronics, nanocoatings, nanoplasmonics, nanosensors, food & agriculture, detection of foodborne illnesses etc. are just few nanotechnology examples for its application.

Let’s explore few nano tech products to know more about nanotechnology examples and its application within our daily aspect of lives or in upcoming future.

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Applications of Nanotechnology


Nanobiotechnology is the application of nano tech in biological fields. Physicists, Chemists, and biologists each consider nanotechnology as a branch of their own subject, and they make collaborations with nanotechnology in many ways. The result of this collaboration and combination produces a hybrid of biology and nanotechnology usually called as nanoniotechnology. It uses biological starting materials, design principles, and it has medical applications.

Although biotech deals with physiological processes and responses of biological subjects including microorganisms, once combined with nanotechnology, it can play a significant role in development & execution of various useful tools in the study of life.

Integration of nanomaterials with biology has resulted in the development of various devices and tools like diagnostic devices, analytical tools, contrast agents, drug-delivery vehicles, therapy etc. While the research within biotechnology is still in in its infancy.


Nanoelectronics refers to the use of nanoparticles in electric components. These components are only few nanometers in size. However, the tinier the component becomes, the harder and complex it is to manufacture it.

Nanoelectronics - Nanotechnology examples

Nanoelectronics provide diverse set of devices the common characteristic of being so small in size that physical effects alter the given material’s properties on a nanoscale. Inter-atomic interactions and quantum mechanical properties play a significant role in the functioning of these devices.

Quantum effects such as atomistic disorder and tunneling dominate the characteristics of these nanoscale devices.


Nanocoating refers to nanoscale thin films applied to surfaces in order to protect them from the effects such as corrosion, water and ice protection, antifouling, friction reduction, thermal management, heat and radiation resistance etc. to improve the material’s functionalities.

it offers vital benefits for applications in aerospace, medical, marine, defense, and oil industries, have persuaded various manufacturers to incorporate dynamic and multi-functional coatings in their products.


Nanosensors are currently widely used technology and it can be considered as one of the best nanotechnology examples. The term is not clearly defined yet, but majority of definitions refer it as a sensing device with a common characteristic being smaller than 100nm.

nanosensors - nano tech

It is majorly used for the collection of data at a nanoscale and using it for analysis. Nanosensors have been used in detecting various foodborne illnesses by using quantum dots technology. It might play a crucial role in upcoming space missions as nanosensors have improved the high performing materials. It is majorly used in sports to collect the different types of data to make a statistical comparison and analysis.

Other applications of nanotechnology

As we saw multiple nanotechnology examples and how is it still growing. There are other things where nanotechnology has been put to use. As we can see, smart houses and furniture have become prevalent nowadays, which is also an application of nano tech.

Nanotechnology has also been introduced into our daily cosmetics products like make up, sunscreens, hair care products, and moisturisers. It has also been used in agriculture and food industry by engineering biological molecules toward functions that are very different than the natural ones.

Moreover, researchers have been trying to find a way to implement nano tech in untapped industries like construction, cement, automotive, nanomedicine, and energy. We can safely say that nanotechnology is the future and we’re going to see many nanotechnology examples in future.

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