Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Google AdWords

Mistakes Businesses Make with Google AdWords
Written by Rohit Gupta

Hey, Are you looking forward to sending paid traffic to your website? It is a good decision. One of the most powerful techniques is to increase digital marketing campaigns via placing the message directly to your target audience using paid ads. Google AdWords actually makes it very easy to use and get desired results with this approach.Many pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers set out with good intentions. However, they have limited experience which leads to some very common yet serious mistakes that may hurt the effectiveness of the campaign.Did you feel that your initial campaigns have produced jaded results? Well, you might be making these errors. Carefully read through them and solutions to make required improvements to your PPC ROI:

Some Common Mistakes businesses make with Google Adwords

Mistakes Businesses Make With Google AdWords

1. Stuffing and Overloading Ad Group with Keywords

Ideally, you need to laser target user experience on your website by creating unique PPC ads and a landing page for each targeted keyword. Now, this is practically impossible. No one has this much time in hand. The best thing to do is continue with ad groups comprising of 5-10 keywords to start. This strategy will keep you from imposing too many irrelevant words and phrases to use on the same landing pages and ads. So this is the First Mistake businesses make with Google Adwords.

2. Targeting Broad Keywords

Are you a new advertiser? If yes, then you may never be able to bid your way to the top spot, especially for very broad keywords like “men’s watches”. If you try, you’ll end up paying a huge amount and the revenue generated may not justify the expense.

Hence, it is better to start AdWords campaigns. It can include groups of 5-10 long-tail keywords. Make sure these are the ones you’ve identified as good candidates for data initiated in Google Webmaster Tools accounts or Google Analytics.

3. Choosing Wrong Place to Run Ads

Choosing the wrong campaign type such as ‘search network with display select’ for running ads is a big mistake. Although Google tries to promote this arrangement, the reality is different. Search and display formats of AdWord demand different promotional approaches. This means you must stick to display, search or both and at the same time, ensuring the ads you generally adhere to industry-approved practices for each distinct campaign style. If you wish to run a successful Google Adwords campaign, visit

4. Direct Target of Traffic to Homepage

Another big mistake marketers make is to send traffic directly to the homepage. Each visitor secured through PPC ads must end up on a landing page attractively designed to their specific interests and demands. However, if you drop these visitors onto the homepage, you’re simply making them work hard to locate the info they want. This will result in a significant increase in bounce rates, missed conversion prospects and pointless ad overheads.

Although designing customized landing pages may mean putting in some hard work, the results are definitely worth the effort. The process may be a breeze with advanced tools such as LeadPages and Unbounce.

5. No Even Rotation of Ad Variation

In case, you are creating multiple ad variations (necessary for split testing purposes), the ad that Google believes will perform better regularly will be served better (by Google). This may help with the overall campaign of ROI. However, it will not provide you with a fair split test because the ad variation displays are not even.

You can prevent this, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to AdWords account’s “Settings” section.

Step 2: Click on “Advanced Settings”.

Step 3: You will see 4 ad rotation options, namely; “Optimize for Conversions,” “Optimize for clicks,” “Rotate Indefinitely”, and “Rotate Evenly”.

Step 4: Choose the option – “Rotate Indefinitely” for keeping your data clean.

6. Ignoring Negative Keywords

Now let us assume you are running a website for men’s designer watches. The AdWords campaign for ‘men’s watches’ used by you depending on match type used, may appear for phrases. These range from “designer men’s watches” to “cheap men’s watches.”

Each click costs you money. Visitors who search for queries such as “cheap men’s watches” may not turn into buyers. Adding ‘cheap’, the negative keyword to the campaign will keep these tire kickers at bay.

7. No ROI Assessment

Are you running Adwords campaigns sans using a technique for assessing paid clicks that are worthwhile (converting into customers)? It is important that you track conversions that go straight into your sales funnel from the click of an Adwords and turn into paying customers. This strategy will let you know where and how to focus ad spend in the long run. You must assess which ad spends need to be increased and which keywords/ad groups need to be dropped entirely.

Conversion tracking involves you to define sales funnel. Thereafter, you either need to establish Google Analytics goals on your website or install an AdWords tracking pixel. This is more complex than running a campaign sans conversion tracking. However, it is the only best and genuine way to know whether the campaigns you use are paying off well (a positive ROI).

So, these are the most common mistakes businesses make with Google Adwords. You are planning to run a successful Bussiness campaign or already running one, you must avoid these “Mistakes businesses make with Google Adwords”.

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