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Inspect Element tricks – 5 cool stuff you can do With Inspect Element

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Today I am gonna talk about the most useful “Inspect element tricks – 5 cool stuff you can do with the Inspect Element”.

If you don’t know what is inspect element?

Then for you Inspect element is a tool that let you view and edit the HTML and CSS of the webpage you are viewing on your browser. However, the changes will only show on your side only and last until you exit or close the tab.

Now, you are wondering how you can benefit from it. And is it useful for you?

So, the answer is yes, you can do a lot of stuff and don’t get nervous if you think it requires coding, you just need basic computer knowledge. To open inspect element in a browser open any webpage, right click on it and there you will see an “Inspect” Option, just click on it. You can also open Inspect element by Pressing “Ctrl+Shift+I”.

Without wasting any time let’s get into our list of Inspect Element tricks.

1) Download almost anything

In our list of First, Inspect element tricks can be the most important for you. So, the good thing about the internet that if you can see it, you can download it. In many cases, you wanted to download something from an Instagram or twitter but you can’t download it officially. So, with the help of Inspect Element, you can easily download any image or Video.

Steps to download a Video or Image

  1. Open a webpage on which you wanted to download something
  2. Right click on the image or video that you wanted to download.
  3. Click on Inspect
  4. The window will pop up
  5. Now search for the element by which video gets highlighted
  6. There you will see the link
  7. Copy the link and paste it into the new tab
  8. Now just Save the Image or Video


2) Edit a Web-page

This one is the most popular use of Inspect element tricks, and I am covering here so, that you should know that don’t trust screenshots blindly. With this trick, you can almost edit any webpage according to you. This trick is mainly used for pranking and show off in front of others.

Steps to Edit a Webpage

  1. Open a webpage that you wanted to edit
  2. Right click on it and click on Inspect
  3. The window will open and there you will see a console option
  4. Paste the code in the console section.

“document.body.contentEditable = true”

  1. Now you will be able to edit the webpage and even images


3) Colour Picker

If you wanted to have a specific color for you Instagram post or any thumbnail image then you can do it with the color picker extension but you don’t want to install any extension because chrome already uses all of your Ram. You can do it with the inspect element color picker tool. Yes, you heard it right, inspect element has its own color picker tool.

Steps to pick any color

  1. Open the image or webpage on which you like the color
  2. Open the inspect Element window
  3. You will see a Style tab, click on it
  4. If you Hover on the element of style tab then you will see an add Colour option
  5. This will bring the color picker tool
  6. Head over towards the Colour you want to pick
  7. After Clicking you will get a code, just paste the code on your image editor


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4) Search

The most useful feature and yet hard to pinpoint is search Feature. The search feature allows you to search for anything on the web page like what font they are using, any image or any media you like on the website but you can’t see it properly.

Steps to perform a search on a webpage

  1. Open the Webpage and Inspect element window
  2. Click on the 3 dots at the corner and then click “search” or you can do “Ctrl+Shift+F”
  3. Type for the element you want to find like for font type “font” or “font-family”, for video “mp4”
  4. You will find many links,
  5. Copy paste them and you will find the element you are looking for.


5) Changing browser location

In many cases you wanted to access some content not available in your country for that you use a VPN but when they ask you the location permission everything will be gone. To solve that issue you can change your browser location to any country you want and access the content, blocked on your country.

Steps to change the browser location:

  1. Open the browser and open inspect element window
  2. Click on the 3 dots at the corner and there you will see a sensor option
  3. Click on that and it will open a geolocation window
  4. Select from the default location or enter the latitude and longitude of the location manually
  5. After selecting refresh the page and search for the website that you want to visit


So, these are the some cool and useful inspect element tricks that you must know. Leave a comment below which inspect element tricks you like the most and which are the one you already know them.

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