more phone memory

How to get more phone memory

How to get more phone memory

Now a day the most common problem is seen with the Smartphone is the phone memory. At some point in time, every one of us faces the problem of storage or the ‘storage full’ notification comes up on the Android.  While trying to take new pictures, save files, videos on an Android Smartphone. Now not every Smartphone comes with the dedicated slot of SD card, which can use as an additional storage for the android.

In this article, I am going to provide simple tips that you can use to get more phone memory on Android.


Many android apps use to cache data to give the better experience. Cache is temporary data that helps the app to work faster. Every time we use the app, the cache data saved or we can say every time we use app some of the files saved to give the better experience for next time. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to save more space on android clearing out these files is a good start.

Go to settings>storage>cached data

This is just for temporary basis every time we use any app cache data we be formed. So, it is required to clean cached data time to time on a regular basis otherwise you will face the same problem of storage full.

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If a phone offers the micro-sd support and you are on low storage, make full use of adaptable storage system to expand the storage space available on your device for storing the photos, videos, and other files.

Go to settings>Apps>Open the app>move to sd card

by this method, you can free up some space of your android.


Some developers make two variants of the app one is a normal one and the other one is the lite app. The lite app consumes less storage as well as our internet. Some of the famous lite apps are Facebook lite, YouTube GO, Opera Mini, Skype Lite, and much more. You can use these apps instead of the normal app.


Scanning helps you to find out which app is consuming more storage on your device. You can use disk usage or storage analyzer app to scan your file system and visualize it for easy understanding. According to the app, you can uninstall the app or the game, which takes more space on your device, or the app that you are not using for a long time.


Google photos let you the backup unlimited number of photos up to 16mega pixel for photos and full HD for videos that means 1080p. The photos you back up to the Google photos backed up to at their original size. Google drive storage limit is 15GB.

Once the photos backed up, you can delete from your android. To take advantage of free cloud storage we need to turn on the sync feature.

Settings>backup and sync>turn it on

Once the photos backed up, you can free the space from your android.

Therefore, these are the best five methods to get more phone memory on Android.

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