Geometry dash for Android

How to download Geometry Dash for Android

Gaming has always been a fun experience. But yes the busy schedule of our day takes much of the hours to spend the time to get refreshed by playing games. These days with the advent of the technical know-how and of course due to technology playing your favorite sport to pass a quality time is not that difficult. Android phones have brought us a huge range of gaming apps with wide categories that support different platforms and suits various genres. Therefore missing those carefree times have come to an end.

Geometry Dash is one of the widely appreciated games among Android users. Though the game has been released not a very long time back. The date is 13th August 2013. It is a widely popular game just not among the Android lovers but for iOS users too. The best part of the game is that it supports platforms named – Ios, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, and macOS. Robert Topala is the developer of the game who published it form his own owned company named RobTop Games. In here you will get to have a brief but compact idea regarding how to download this single player game.

Geometry dash for Android

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Geometry Dash: The Game Features

The game has got some splendid features that you must note down before playing the game. Scroll your eyes down to get a profound knowledge regarding the whole game plan.

  • It is a level of the game format. So, every time you fulfill the target you get to play the promoted level. Also, the action of the game is very rhythmic in nature.
  • Soundtracks are also included in the game. This keeps you totally involved in the game restricting all the distraction. Also, the soundtracks are unique tunes.
  • Now, if you want to share your level up reports with your friends then you are totally welcome to do it.
  • There are options for customization. So, there is no problem in customizing the character you are playing.
  • There are no in-app purchases involved. Moreover, you get to have a lot of rewards in return for every success.
  • Practice mode is there for the players like you to sharpen the skills before entering the playground.

So, these are some of the notable features that the game provides to its players. So, are you excited to know more about getting the game on your device? Well then, glance over the upcoming section as it will present a detailed account on downloading the Geometric Dash.

Geometric Dash: Steps to Download

Being an Android you must be too much familiar with the Google Play Store. Yes, this game app is also available there but in return for some charges. So, to make the download cost-free and authentic I have presented to you the ways to download the apk file from the game app. the entire process is absolutely easy. It just involves some extra task. So, to get known about those small steps check the bullets enlisted below and manage your download.

  • Open the Security Settings of your Android device. There you will find an option saying Unknown Sources. Enable the option to allow the device form receiving files from unknown sources.
  • Once you are done with the slight change, tap on the link This is the downloading link to the apk file of the game. The download will take few moment as the process depends upon the speed of your internet connection.
  • Now, as you have received the notification saying the download is completed, tap open the received file.
  • Before installing the file you need to permit your device to run the app smoothly by allowing all the terms and conditions.
  • Once you are done with the allowing part simply tap on the Install icon and wait for few seconds.

The installation of the game will take mere some seconds. Once it gets completed you receive a notification saying Geometry Dash is successfully installed on your device. So, stop thinking much and move according to the points mentioned and incorporate it into your Android. Experience the fun of light gaming to freshen up yourself and end the day with ease.

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