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What Happens when you root your Android

Hello, everyone today I come up with the most popular topic “Rooting”. Now a day everyone wants to Root their Android Device but they did not know What happens when you root Your Android. So today, I will tell you what are the advantages of rooting android and what is the disadvantage of rooting android.  After this, the first question comes to mind what is rooting. Well, in simple words we can say rooting is something gaining the administrative the privileges on the system. When you buy the new Android device you are just a guest user. You can use your phone as like you want but you cannot change the system, file on your device. However, when you root your android device you get the administrative privileges and you can change the system files.


However, I will talk about advantages of rooting android and disadvantages of rooting. So, let’s start with the brighter side advantages of rooting android.


Advantages of Rooting Android Device

1)       Installing custom ROMs

As rooting gives the access to change the system files as like you want. It also allows you to install custom ROM. Which means you can change your android completely. For example, you have a Samsung galaxy s5 but you love user interface of MIUI. So, you can easily install the MIUI ROM on your Samsung with the rooting access.


2)    Removing pre-installed Apps

With the rooting access, you can easily uninstall the pre-installed apps. As every android phone comes with the bunch of apps that are not for our use but we can’t uninstall them. But with the rooting access, you can uninstall all the apps that do don’t want and free up some space on your android device.

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3)    Ad-Blocking

Starting with the android you have faced this issue once after buying Android. Rooting access allows you to block or remove unnecessary ads. This remove ad not only from the browser but also form the apps.


4)    Installing your favorite apps

After rooting, you can also install the apps, which shows that they are not compatible with your device model. You just have to download the one app and change your device model and that it. After accessing rooting you can install any app you love.


5)    Hacking wifi

You might think about hacking after rooting your android device. The answer is yes, you can hack wifi at some point but not every wifi you can hack as the up gradation of technology. The more advance security has put on the wifi routers so it becomes difficult to hack them. But you can view saved password on your device. You just have to install the app name called WPS-WPA testor. After, installing this application you can view saved wifi password on your device.

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Disadvantages of rooting android device

1)    Brick your device

One of the most common threats to an Android rooted device is misoperation, which could turn your smartphone into the unusable Brick. Basically,  this will only happen when you delete some rooted files that you shouldn’t delete. Else you are trying to install through zip file and you skip some step or connection break or something else problem. Although there is no way to fix your brick device.


2)    Void your Warranty

The second Disadvantage of rooting android is it will void your warranty. Means if something will happen to your rooted device you can’t even go to the service center for the repairing because of the void warranty. So be careful when you are rooting your device. Think twice before you start rooting.


3)    Ad-blocking

As all of you know that with the ads developers earn income but when you block such ads they will be in great loss. this result turns the app off for your device and you can’t do anything on that app because the developer is not earning form you.


4)    Update problem

As with the normal android device, you get the update for your device soon or later which is stable for your device. When you root your device the update prompt stop, you have to manually install the update of your firmware version. This can be an advantage also that you won’t get any update from now but it comes with disadvantage also you manually have to install it.


5)    Tweaking Risk

As you install custom ROMs on android to look amazing but sometimes its end up with looping your phone. In simple words, we can say your phone is showing only a specific screen like your phone model or your android version. so install the ROMs that are compatible with your phone.



Now as you know the Advantages of rooting android and disadvantage of rooting. You should be able to make confirm decision as per your need. You might also notice that some advantages of rooting android and disadvantage of rooting are similar to each other. Rooting Gives you immense Power, but you have to use that power carefully otherwise you get might stick in a problem. So, these are cases for what happens when you root your Android.

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