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Top 10 free Android Apps for June 2019 – The Most Useful and Essential One’s


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Today I am gonna talk about the “Top 10 free Android Apps for May 2019 – The Most Useful and Essential”.  We all use the smartphone apps in our day to day life for surfing the internet, taking pictures, listening to music and for much more stuff. There are plenty of apps available that makes us more productive.


Do you know that millions of Apps published every month on google play store? And many of them offer the same functionality with the app on the same niche. Now, how will you identify them?

So, we have done all the hard work for you by compiling the Top 10 free Android Apps for May 2019. The list may contain some apps that you are looking for a long time or some apps that can be useful in many situations, without wasting time let’s get into it.

Don’t forget to check the whole list of free android apps, you might find a useful app.

1) Walldrobe Wallpaper

Top 10 Free android apps for the june 2019
1st Free android app for the June 2019

Hey wallpaper lover, we got you covered with the Walldrobe Wallpaper. It has some cool and unique wallpaper that you want to try. Walldrobe uses the unsplash API to provide quality wallpapers. Unsplash API is the most powerful photo engine in the world. These live wallpapers give your home screen a fresh look every day.

Features of Walldrobe Wallpaper

  • Live wallpapers
  • Automatic wallpaper Intervals
  • Ability to download Images to gallery
  • Full HD images
  • Classification of wallpapers by category
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2) Life Hacks

Top 10 Free android apps for the june 2019
2nd Free android app for the June 2019

The second app in our list of top 10 free Android Apps, is Lifehacks. This app basically provides the life hacks which can be useful in day to day life. It also helps in reducing frustration in everyday tasks by providing shortcuts or easier way to do them.

Features of Life Hacks 

  • Works offline and online both
  • Receive life hacks daily in your notification
  • Ability to saves useful hacks to the Gallery
  • Saves images as favorite and app open them when you are not connected to the internet
  • Share the hacks with your friends directly from notification or from category page
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3) Always on AMOLED | Edge Lighting

Top 10 Free android apps for the june 2019
3rd Free android app for the June 2019

In our list of Top 10 free Android Apps, the third app we have is “Always on AMOLED | Edge Lighting”. Every one of us wants the always on display features like the Samsung and other AMOLED Display phones but the problem is that our phone doesn’t have that feature. The always on display provide you the information about your notification, clock, date and much more right on your screen without touching your smartphone or tablet. The always-on AMOLED is best in its segment and offer some great features some of them are:

Features of Always on AMOLED

  1. It was totally optimized with the smartphone you use, which means it will not affect your battery life.
  2. Offer similar theme like the Samsung One UI
  3. Badge notification
  4. Fingerprint Dismiss
  5. Over 30+ clock styles
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4) SystemPanel 2

Top 10 Free android apps for the june 2019
4th Free android app for the June 2019

Are you facing the slow android phone problem or your phone is misbehaving unexpectedly just after you installed some application and you want to know the cause of the problem then this app can be useful for you? SystemPanel is a tool to let you view and manage just about everything possible about the goings-on of your device and visualize it in an easy-to-understand graphical format.


  • View app by the category by the permission they require.
  • Analyze the battery consumption apps and device wake ups.
  • Browse all the technical nitty-gritty about your phone
  • Manage installed apps, backup app APKs, uninstall apps, and re-install archived versions
  • Shows how you use your phone graphically.
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5)  Datally

Top 10 Free android apps for the june 2019
5th Free android app for the June 2019

If you are one of those who concerned about the mobile data and which app using your data most then datally can be your data saver or lifesaver. The datally also track your hotspot usage so, that you know how much data is being used by your colleague. The time schedule helps you to turn off your mobile data automatically at night. It really handy and offer some great feature like

Features of Datally:

  • Data saver – Block background usage of apps that using your data
  • Emergency bank- It saves data for your later use
  • Sets up a daily limit of the data you use
  • Limit the amount of data when your family or friend borrow your phone
  • Sets up VPN
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6) Recent Notification

Top 10 Free android apps for the june 2019
6th Free android app for the June 2019

Ever missed the important notification because you just click on the clear all? If yes then this app is your lifesaver in the future. Recent notification saves all your notification and classifies by the applications. After installing the application if you ever clicked on the clear all, you just have to head toward the application and see your important notification.

Features of Recent Notification:

  • Classify notifications by applications
  • Find out which app sending annoying notification
  • Save notification by days
  • Tap on the notification to launch respective applications
  • The notification saved on the application cannot be read by anyone except you
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7) Hurry – Countdown to Birthday/Vacation

Top 10 Free android apps for the june 2019
7th Free android app for the June 2019

Hurry a countdown app for your special moments in life. This app works as a count downer and provides countdown for the task you set, it even shows seconds rather than just days or hours. Now you are wondering we can set a Google reminder for our events and get notified but how it’s different form them, Hurry will keep you pumped with optional notifications/widgets and refreshing new gifs. It offers some additional features too

Features of Hurry:

  • Share an event with your friends/family so they can join in on the excitement too
  • Contain all sizes of widgets which suits to your home screen
  • Beautiful Interface
  • Backup & sync between devices
  • Repeated events (e.g. every 3rd Friday of the month)
Download from Play-store

8)  Veryfi – Smarter Project & Expense Management

Top 10 Free android apps for the june 2019
8th Free android app for the June 2019

Ever wanted to record all your monthly expenses? And view them at the end of the month? If yes then Veryfi is for you. Verify helps you to remove boring parts of accounting by automating data entry, tax categorization, and bank reconciliation. In Veryfi you just have to take a snap receipt and get your data back in real time.

Features of Veryfi:

  • Totally machine automation, not human augmented
  • Integrate with the accounting software you have
  • It provides accurate and instant result
  • Beautiful User interface
  • Data Privacy, Your data is safe.
Download from Play-store

9) VHS Camcorder Lite

Top 10 Free android apps for the june 2019
9th Free android app for the June 2019

If you wanted to record movies or clips like the ’90s then VHS camcorder lite can your pick. This app just records your clips and movies just like you are recording in the ’90s and having the time stamp on it. The free version offers 20 seconds of video. However, if you like the free version you can upgrade it to the pro version anytime by paying little amount.

Features of VHS camcorder lite

  • Offer 90’s feel in the videos
  • Customizable timestamp in the videos
  • The Best throwback videos ever
  • Can be used by the time machine and have a new perspective to the video
  • You can also add the retro terrible sound effect, which makes the video more realistic
Download from Play-store

10) Otter Voice Notes

Top 10 Free android apps for the june 2019
10th Free android app for the June 2019

The last app in our list of free android apps is Otter voice notes. if you ever recorded the long lecture of your professor or wanted to record? The otter can be your best pic. The Otter voice notes can convert your recording in the text format in real time. It transcribes 600 minutes for free every month. You can record your meeting, lectures, seminars and many more in real time. If you are a student then you must have this app to make notes, and save your precious time.

Features of Otter Voice Notes:

  • Record instantly in one tap, with widget and shortcut too.
  • Add pictures in your notes, to make them beautiful.
  • Input audio via built-in mic or Bluetooth device.
  • Export text as PDF, TXT, or SRT.
  • Import your existing audios.
Download from Play-store

So, these are the Top 10 Free android apps, you can use for fun or make your life easier. If you find any of the app useful, give a comment and share it with your friends to make their life easier.

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