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The first question after reading the title arises – Why Cool Tech Hacks?

As you know this is 2019, and technology has become an integrated and inextricable part of our life. Most of the times it makes our life easy by doing things in a quicker and efficient way. But at a lot of times, we get stuck while doing small tasks online which takes a lot of time to complete, hence, leaves us feeling frustrated and angry. It usually happens because we’re not aware of the few common tasks of the present technology or it doesn’t click on our mind at the right time. So we’re here to share some cool tech hacks for 2019 that can make your life easier than before.

So without wasting any time, let’s move on to those cool tech hacks:-

1.    Remove Background From Image

Many times you get an image the background of which you don’t like. You must’ve heard that in order to remove background from an image you need to learn some technical skills like Photoshop, GIMP or similar. But not everyone has the knowledge and time to learn Photoshop just to remove background from an image.

So here’s the way you can do the same without even learning Photoshop or any other similar tool.

There is a website named which removes the background from the images.

Cool tech hacks -

You just have to go to that site and you can either upload or paste the URL of the image the background of which you’d like to remove.

The cool part of this hack is that there is no registration or signup required making things quicker.

2. Track Shipment From Multiple Couriers

If you’re an online shopping freak and you like to order from multiple sites then you might’ve faced the trouble to track the shipment from different couriers at different time.

After all, you’ve got only 24 hours a day and not everyone wants to spend that time to just track the multiple shipments. So here’s the hack that’d make your task easier:-

There’s a very handy website named that lets you track the shipment from almost every courier of the world.

Cool Tech Hacks -



All you have to do is to visit the website and enter the tracking code, that’s it!


3. Pasting Bank Account No. Easier Way

Many times you must be filling out the bank details on your laptop and then you realize that bank sites don’t allow to paste the bank account number.

Then suddenly a small task becomes time taking due to shifting from one tab to another just to see whether you’ve entered correct detail and to enter the complete number.

But here’s a small function that can work as a tip for you. I’m sure it is known to you but maybe it didn’t click on your mind at the time you were into that situation.

You just have to copy that Bank account no. using CTRL+C and shift to the tab where you’ve to enter the bank details.

Just click CTRL+F and paste the account no. that you copied from the previous tab. Now you can enter that detail without shifting to other tab and you can even verify whether you’ve filled the correct info or not.

I’m sure this tip would’ve helped you.


4. Capturing The Screen Your Way

You must’ve tried to capture your screen when you would’ve found something interesting to save. There are tools and functions like PrtSc or Word Snipping tool to capture the screen to save the screenshot.

But sometimes freehand snipping tool makes it difficult to capture the exact part that we need, mainly in that situation when our touchpad is not working smoothly.

The PrtSc function also captures the whole screen while we may want only a part of it.

So here’s a chrome extension that can give you wider options in capturing the screen.

FireShot – Capture Page is chrome extension that lets you capture the screen by giving various options like entire page capture, visible part capture, or freehand capture as per your wish and apart from it, there are some advanced features too.

Cool Tech Hacks - Fireshot Capture

It lets you save the captured part in PNG/JPEG format as well as PDF format. It even works when there’s no internet connection available on your pc.

So, this can make easier your task of capturing the screen.

Here are a few quick cool tech hacks that may help you if you didn’t know:


  • Type
    • – For a new document
    • – For new Spreadsheet
    • – For new Slide
    • – For new Google Form
  • While watching Youtube Videos in full-screen mode you just have to scroll down to see the comments instead of exiting the full-screen mode
  • You can download Youtube videos directly into your laptop/desktop by using the extension.

Tech Tips and Tricks - Chrome Extension

  • You can use the Blue Light Filter app to experience the night mode and you can decrease the brightness of your screen beyond the lower limit of your phone’s brightness.

Tech Tips and Tricks - Blue Light Filter

Hope these cool tech hacks would help you to make your life easier in some or other way.

If you liked these hacks do share with your friends to make their lives easier as well and if you’ve got other interesting and cool tech hacks then let us know in the comments.

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