The Best 5 apps to use during lockdown

During the current pandemic COVID-19, the world has been instructed to practice social distancing and self-quarantine by staying at home. The majority of the events are being postponed or canceled due to COVID-19, some of them are the major ones like Tokyo Olympics, Indian Premier League, and T-20 Champions league world cup, etc. I know for many of us that life has been changed drastically during this lock-down period. However, staying at home is the best we can do to stop spreading the virus more. Today i am going to tell you guys some best 5 apps to use during lockdown period.

That’s being said being confined to one place for long periods often leads to boredom, restlessness, and loneliness. Fortunately, there are plenty of freeways or I can say apps that you can use to get out of your boredom. So, without wasting more time let’s get into it. 

1) Almighty Volume Keys

1st App of Best 5 Apps to use During Lockdown

The first app in our list of best 5 apps to use during lockdown is the almighty volume keys. The almighty volume keys is an app that can remap the actions of your volume keys. You can set the volumes keys to open flashlight, open camera, showtime, take a screenshot, and many more. However, the best feature of this app is that you can set different actions for different tasks, for example, you can set a 2-time press on volume up for taking a screenshot and 3-time press on volume up to open the flashlight. 

The best feature of this app is that you can even change the music without opening your phone, turn on or off Bluetooth, change screen orientation. So if you are a person who is irritated to do everything one by one and want a shortcut to do the simple tasks, then this app can fulfill your needs.


2) Blokada: The best ad blocker for Android

2nd App of Best 5 Apps to use During Lockdown

The next app in our list of best 5 apps to use during lockdown is Blokada. Blokada is the best ad blocker for android, as we all know some UI contains lots of ads, and we can’t do anything to remove that ad, except rooting your device and flashing a custom ROM, which is a slightly a lengthy process. The best feature about Blokada is it allows users to choose the apps or except the app, for example, if you want to unblock ads of an app then you can easily do this with one click. 

Another great feature of Blokada is you can change your DNS server to speed up your internet connection without wasting your time. It also protects your privacy by using a VPN connection but for that, you have to purchase a premium version. However, if you just want an application to block ads on your android phone then Blokada is a perfect fit for you.


3) Mini for Instagram

3rd App of Best 5 Apps to use During Lockdown

In our list of Best 5 Apps to use during lockdown, the third app is Mini for Instagram is just a lighter version of Instagram or I can say the modded version of Instagram, which is safe to use. The features of mini for Instagram is that videos won’t play automatically that saves your data, you can directly download stories and can view the big size profile picture of anyone. With mini for Instagram, you can download any picture with one click. This app also supports dark mode which normal Instagram doesn’t support.

Now you might be thinking if you use this app, then how would your response to the messages? 

Then don’t worry mini for Instagram also has the direct message option just like the normal Instagram application. 

If you are a data user and worried about the data spent on Instagram while opening it, then MINI for Instagram is a perfect choice for you, as it doesn’t load videos automatically even on the stories to save data. 


4) Permission Manager 

4th App of Best 5 Apps to use During Lockdown

As the lockdown is going on and due to this you might have installed lots of application to get out of your boredom but do you even check that which permissions the applications is asking? I think it would be NO! You just keep click on allow-allow so that you may be able to use the application quickly. 

 The permission manager helps you to check the permission which the app is using by showing icons of the permissions on the top left corner on the screen. You can see the Screenshot below. 

Demo of Permission Manager
Source: Permission Manager

It is a useful app to control the permission you give to specific applications, as sometimes even the file manager asks for the camera permission, which is unnecessary. After installing you may be able to find if you have given unnecessary permission to any application you use then you can easily remove the permission to save your data form the big data-stealing company.


5) WiFi AR – most useful tool ever

5th App of Best 5 Apps to use During Lockdown

Maybe the last but not the least app in our series of “The Best 5 apps to use during lockdown”. During this period you might have to face the issue of where is my Wi-Fi signal gone? 

The WIFI AR uses the augmented reality to show, your Wi-Fi signal is in real-time. You can look at the Wi-Fi signal level and the speed of the internet connection at that location, you can see the video below:

Source: WiFi Solutions YouTube

However, the prerequisite to use this app that your device must support google augmented reality and you have to download the Google AR Core to perfectly run this application.

You can also check the list of supported devices by clicking on the below

Supported Devices


So, here is the list of some of the best 5 apps to use during lockdown, some of them might be useful for you some might not be if you find any of the app useful then drop a comment below. I have tried to cover the apps you can use in daily life as a life hacks and save your precious time. If you think I have missed any of the apps in our series of “The Best 5 apps to use during lockdown” that I should cover then do let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading. Stay healthy, stay safe and stay at home

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