About us

About Us www.techkingpro.com

The techkingpro.com was established on 22nd February 2017. This site contains all topics related to technology whether it is about Latest technology that we are using or the when it was first invented. You can find various topics like tips and tricks for Android, IOs, and Windows as well, latest tech news, latest inventions to the technology. It shows all the content related to technology that why I put the name “Tech King”.

The story of Techkingpro.com is somewhat complicated because we didn’t just think of a blog name, we just randomly select one and register the domain name and start it. Firstly having no knowledge of blogging I just started copy and pasting of the article on my site. I publish and promote the blog post without having any intentions of it and even I don’t know that I can make money. At that time, I just want something called blog. So, that I can express my thoughts on the Technology.

Later on, I understood, Blogging is just more than writing something and publishing. It’s a medium to share quality information, I realized people from all over the world read my blog posts and now I should take it seriously. Because a single mistake on my side may practically mess up someone’s knowledge.

Birth of Techkingpro.com

After getting little bit knowledge of Blogging I Decided to keep a brand name for my blog. At that time I don’t have any knowledge about the domain name, keyword searching and other stuff. So, I just choose the domain which looks cool to me i.e. “Techking pro” which looks like a cool domain name for the technology related kinds of stuff.

Things were a little bit complicated, but the more and more I loved Blogging and respected it, the more I realized the potential behind it. I grabbed that and here we are.

Rohit Gupta – Owner and editor

Rohit Gupta is the Owner/Founder/Editor of www.techkingpro.com . he founded techkingpro.com when he was 17 years and always trying to make it a brand name. Rohit loves Blogging and he considers the term ‘Blogging’ as a tool or weapon, which can change the world, or at least, a person’s life.

He is a believer and a truth-seeker with a revolutionary mind, and he has his own personal valid reasons for that. Rohit loves Exploring, Music, Planning, motivating, leadership and also blogging. If you want to contact him for anything, you can ping him through his Facebook profile and Twitter profile.

You can also find him on Google+, you can hang out for discussions. If you want to know more details, feel free to check this LinkedIn profile.

The mission of Techkingpro.com

The mission of techkingpro.com is to educate people about various useful things about technology, which they ignore. The mission includes-

  • To bring some revolutionary ideas to people
  • To provide technical videos related to life hacks
  • To provide some hidden and ignored but useful Information in order to know the truth

You can connect to techkingpro.com through FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.