Free Photoshop Alternatives

10 Best Free Photoshop alternatives

Hello, everyone today I come up with the topic top 10 Best free alternative to Photoshop. As you wanted to edit your picture by adding some effects to make your picture better than before using Photoshop. However, Photoshop is quite costly so now you are confused what to do? Read the article till last and you will find some useful information that even you cant imagine. The foremost priority of a graphic designer and an illustrator is photoshop. In this article, I will tell you about the top 10 free Photoshop alternatives that work for you same as adobe photoshop do but this time without spending any cost.

Free Photoshop alternatives


GNU manipulation program is considered to be the best alternatives to photoshop. It also knowns as GIMP. With a widely supported community and compatibility with the operating system.
Main key features: Re-touching, lense and color correction, selection editing, sharpening etc
Supported Systems: Windows, Linux, SkyOS, Unix, Mac, BSD
Supported file format: RAW, GIF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc
Price: free


As you are familiar with the windows paint it is quite similar. Basically, it is a more advanced or we can say the upgraded version of the windows paint. This tool is less powerful than GIMP and Photoshop. However, this tool will take care of all image editing tool that you required.
Key feature: Retouching, sharpening, color correction, resizing etc
Supported system: Windows 7 and upper
Supported file format: Raw, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG.
Price: free

3) Seashore

If you are a Mac user and feeling left don’t worry this tool will cover all you left feeling. Seashore is an open source image editing tool based on Mac framework. This tool also offers some quite features like GIMP.
Key feature: Anti-aliased brushes, layers, gradient etc
Supported system: MAC OS X
Supported File formats: JPEG,PNG,TIFF,XCF.
Price: free

4) Pixler

Pixler is a web-based editing tool. If you don’t want to close the browser to edit an image Pixeler is the best alternative. It comes with the similar features and shortcuts of photoshop.
Key features: text overlay, filters, effects, selection tool etc
Supported system: Web-based, Android and as well as iOS
Supported file format: JPEG, GIF, PNG BMP and TIFF
Price: Free

5) Pic Monkey

Pic monkey is another web-based tool like Pixler which lets you edit the pic within your browser. This tool allows you to add funny overlays to your pic.
Key feature; shapes, text, effects filters, overlay etc.
Supported system: Web-based
Supported file format: jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tiff.
Price: free

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6) Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is another web-based tool like Pixler and pic monkey. Some paint is available in both paid and free version. It also features awesome overlays to your pic like party hats, mustache etc. but nothing is compared to adobe photoshop and gimp.
Key features: pencil, brushes, text, formatting tools, overlays etc
Supported system web-based
Price : free/ paid

7) Cinepaint

This is not an ordinary software that you use for editing. It is a very powerful image retouching tool. Earlier this tool has been used in Hollywood studio to design animated films. It can also edit your videos.
Key features: 32-bit editing, retouching, animated films etc
Supported system Linux BSD, Unix, MacOS
Supported file formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, CIN, DPX, EXR, OpenEXR, and CXF.
Price: free

8) Krita

Krita is another tool like cinepaint. It is one of the best image editing tool, based on the open-source platform. It is laking in just a few departments hen comparing to photoshop and gimps.
Key features: retouching, overlays and much more
Supported system: Windows, BSD, Linux, Unix
Supported file format: all files that are compatible with windows
Price: free

9) GrafX2

Grafx2 is a software is preferred over other software as it is supported in a wide variety of operating systems. It also desinge=nd for the drawing in indexed color mode.
key features: Drawing in indexed colored, color cycling, transparency, number of effects etc
Supported system: Almost all operating system
Supported file format: any windows compatible file
Price: free
For Mobiles

10) Adobe photoshop express

Adobe photoshop express is the best app for mobile editing. If you are looking for the powerful image editor for your smartphone or tablet. The main drawback of photoshop express is mo brush tool, you cant crop.
Key feature: filters, contrast, correcting images.
Supported system: Windows, android, ios
Supported file format: almost all
Price: free

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So these are the best free photoshop alternatives.
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