How to repair corrupted pen drive or SD card

Hello, friends now a day many of us face a problem of “broken or not recognized pen drive or SD card”. Every computer or Android user face this problem with broken SD card or pen drive. No matter what you do, at some point, your computer or Android simply refuse to read your pen drive or SD card. Fortunately, there is a way to rectify this with only needing to use a command prompt

Method How to repair corrupted pen drive

STEP-1 Connect the corrupted drive to your machine.


STEP-2 Open the command prompts by typing CMD in the start menu search bar or by hitting WINDOWKEY+R after that type CMD in the dialogue box that pops up.


STEP-3 Now in command prompt enter the following command

Type “DISCART”, press enter after that type “LIST DISK”, and press Enter.


STEP-4 Then type “SELECTDISK” followed by the number of your disk and press enters.


STEP-5 After the disk selected you just have to type “CLEAN” into the command prompt and hit enter.


STEP-6 Now the next command you have to write “CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY” and hit enter


STEP-7 After that type “ACTIVE” and hit enter followed by select partition 1.


STEP-8 In the last step you just have to type one command that is FS=FAT32 and press enter. Once you completed this step, you find your device working like new. If not, go back through the steps and see what you missed.


A screenshot is attached below to how the process is to be done

How to repair corrupted pen drive


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